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Facials at DermaSpa Pickering

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The DermaSpa Hydrating Algae Facial

This facial nourishes and rehydrates dry, sensitive or stressed skin with nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, Arctic Algae and gingko.

Result: Glowing Hydrated Plumped skin

Skin Type: Normal to Dry

Mini Facial: $89

Deluxe Facial: $135

The DermaSpa Anti-Aging Micropeel Facial

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial, the DermaSpa Anti-Aging Micropeel Facial will refresh, smooth, brighten and hydrate your skin to perfection!

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (glycolic acid), three types of purifying and detoxifying clay, aloe leaf extract and hydrating complexes gently but effectively exfoliate and purify your skin.

Result: Smooths and brightens skin. Dark spots and uneven skin tone isimproved. Fine lines and texture are improved.

Skin Type: Excellent choice for almost all skin types: Oily, Combination and Dry. Avoid in rosacea and extremely sensitive skin types.

Mini Facial: $99

Deluxe Facial: $145


The DermaSpa Acne Treatment

FacialThis facial calms acne breakouts, reduces oiliness, detoxifies and clarifies your skin. Acne marks can be faded by adding an Acne Peel.

French Green Clay and Green Tea ingredients work to cleanse pores deeply, reduce blackheads, smooth skin texture and reduce acne breakouts. This Facial can be combined with an Acne Peel for ultimate results.

Result: Reduction in acne breakouts, oiliness, blackheads and tightened pores.

Skin Types: Acne prone or oily skin. Not suitable for sensitive or rosacea skin types.

Mini Facial: $89

Deluxe Facial: $135

DermaSpa MD Acne Facial and Acne Peel: $180


The DermaSpa Toning Terreus Facial (An Ideal Rosacea Facial!)

This facial will soothe, gently exfoliate, reduce redness, oiliness and matifyskin. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.  This treatment is ideally suited for Rosacea skin types, and pairs well with our Laser Treatments for Rosacea.

Contains 20% Thermal Mud (Liposilt®) which reduces oils and matifies skin.The thermal mud also contains amino acids and gentle alphy hydroxy acids to renew your complexion

Result: Calmed, soothed skin. Redness is Reduced. Perfect for stressed skin.

Skin types: All Skin Types including sensitive skin and rosacea.

Mini Facial: $99

Deluxe Facial: $145


The DermaSpa Ice Mask Facial

This facial clears your pores and calms your skin.

The Ice Mask technology from Switzerland, is used for its soothing, cooling and anti-aging properties.

Result: Cool, refreshed, hydrated skin and reduction in redness and irritations

Skin Types: All Skin Types. Excellent for skin prone to redness, irritations, blemishes and rosacea.

Mini Facial: $95

Deluxe Facial: $140


Boost your Radiance! Additional options to customize your facial:

Vitamin C Infusion:

• Purified Vitamin C antioxidant infusion brightens and renews your skin • Boost your skin’s glow with this infusion of natural skin renewal vitamins
• PROMOTION: Continue your skin renewal at home: Take home a Full Size Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum for only $35 more when you purchase this infusion!

Aromatherapy (essential oils): $20

Ice Mask: $50

• Anti-Aging Technology from Switzerland!
• The perfect finish to any facial treatment!
• Soothes and calms skin for ultimate results.

Eye lifting serum infusion: $25

• collagen eye serum infusion to smooth fine lines, rejuvenate the delicate eye area skin, and improve circulation

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