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Botox For Men at DermaSpa Ajax Pickering

on Monday, 15 June 2015. Posted in Dermaspa Blog

5 Reasons Men Get Botox Cosmetic Treatments:

Why Do Men Get Botox?

1. Men often get Botox Cosmetic treatments because they want to look less tired or angry.

- Frown lines can often lead people to ask you if you're tired, or upset, or angry

-Men often seek treatment for frown lines to help look refreshed and relaxed

2. Men often request Botox Cosmetic treatments to look younger and more vibrant.

-In our increasingly youth conscious society, it has become even more important to appear youthful and vibrant 

-Our patients often request Botox Cosmetic to maintain their youthful appearance, to be able to compete in this increasingly youthful workforce and society

3. Men have stronger muscles and can develop deeper lines as a result.

-Men often request Botox treatments for their forehead lines, where the muscles are much stronger than womens' muscles, and where their lines can be deeper as a result

4. Men sometimes request Botox treatment because they have an upcoming event.

-Men who have a major event coming up often request Botox treatments to refresh their appearance.

-Some examples of life events which men request Botox treatment prior to include

  • weddings (either family weddings, or their own wedding)
  • job interviews
  • milestone birthdays
  • newly single status

5. Men sometimes request Botox Cosmetic to look better in photographs.

- There are times when men need to get a lot of photographs taken, or be in the public eye

- Some of these occasions include:  Professional photographs for work, weddings, conferences, speaking engagements, performances etc.

- Men often request Botox cosmetic and/or dermal fillers prior to these situations


Is Botox Suitable For Men?

The best answer is that you should decide with the advise of your aesthetic physician, whether Botox cosmetic is right for you.

In general, the main reasons to NOT do Botox are the following Contraindications:

-Do you have a neuromuscular disorder (myasthenia gravis, or Eaton Lambert Syndrome etc)?  If so Botox is not right for you

-Have you previously had an allergy to Botox?  If so Botox is not right for you.


If you answered no to the above questions, and you are considering Botox Cosmetic, you should see your aesthetic physician to determine if this treatment is appropriate for you and can meet your needs.

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