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Laser Hair Removal: Frequently Asked Questions

on Thursday, 11 December 2014. Posted in Dermaspa Blog

Our medical experts at DermaSpa MD Laser Clinic focus on providing comfortable and effective laser treatments with attention to patient safety and results!


We get a lot of great questions on laser hair removal, here are some of the common ones:


Will Laser Hair Removal cause Ingrown hairs?


Having laser hair removal can actually help with reducing ingrown hairs. Many people seek this treatment to relieve the discomfort that excess hair may bring. Laser hair removal can prevent the inflammation, irritation and scarring resulting from ingrowns.


How many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Do I Need?


Most clients need about 6 treatments for a 90% hair reduction. Studies show that our Cutera Lasser Hair Removal systems reduce hair by over 80% in only 3 sessions.

Some people are happy with less treatments or may take a couple more. After 6 treatments our clients are generally happy with the results but may need to come in for the odd touch-up.


What hair types is laser Hair Removal suitable for?


Most hair can be treated successfully with our laser.  Whether coarse or fine, we can adjust treatment settings to acheive results. The pigment of the hair is what matters. Dark hair colours or brown are great candidates! Unfortunately white hair cannot be targeted.

Can I Wax or Thread in between Laser Hair Removal treatments?

It is recommended that you only shave in between treatments as opposed to waxing or threading. Most people find once they have started treatments they don’t have to shave as often in between sessions.

Why is Waxing or Threading in between laser Hair Removal treatments not recommended?

These treatments often remove hairs from the root, temporarily removing the hair follicle. In order for your treatment to be successful the hair follicle needs to be present for the laser to destroy it.


Can Shaving Make My Hair Thicker?
Can Shaving Make My Hair Grow Faster?

Shaving won’t cause changes to the hair follicle when you are shaving temporarily for laser treatments. As a result, your hair will not grow in thicker or faster from temporarily shaving it.

In fact, with your laser treatments, you will notice your hair start to grow in thinner and slower. Eventually, after a few treatments with our lasers you will notice you may not have many hairs left!


Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Some patients will feel a pinching sensation as the laser is working or a warm feeling. It is temporary and doesn’t occur in all areas. The feeling can differ depending on hair type, hair pigment, skin type etc.

Our state of the art laser systems have integrated cooling. What that means is that the area to be treated is immediately numbed before the laser pulse occurs, ensuring your comfort.

Your medical esthetician will keep you comfortable throughout treatment by cooling the area and taking a break as needed, although the discomfort is generally mild. If you are concerned about how it may feel we would love to have you in for a complimentary test patch.


by Alisha H.

ZA ed.

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