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Skin Care For Men At DermaSpa Ajax Pickering: What 3 Skin Care Products Should All Men Use?

on Monday, 22 June 2015. Posted in Dermaspa Blog

What 3 Skin Care Products Should All Men Use?

1.  Facial Cleanser - All men should use a cleanser designed for facial use.  Body cleansers are too harsh, often containing both fragrance, and high amounts of sulfates. 

- Men with oily or combination skin, and men who suffer from ingrown hairs should use a gel based cleanser containing a mild exfoliant such as glycolic or AHA acids.  (We recommend the Alyria Clarifying Cleansing Gel)

- Men with dry skin should use a gentle cleanser or cream cleanser (We recommend the Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser, or the Grace + Power Gentle Cleanser, or the Grace + Power Milk Cleanser)

- We don't recommend exfoliating scrubs as they are too harsh

2. Toner - We are talking about a skin cleansing toner solution, not the product you use on your printer!  

Skin toners are solutions swiped over the skin after cleansing the skin.  It is important to use a skin toner, as it helps to rebalance your skin's pH after cleaning.  It also assists in removing remaining traces of pollution, toxins, oils and other debris from the skin.  

Once you see what is removed by the cotton pad with toner, AFTER you have cleansed your skin, you won't believe how much debris was still left on your skin!  This is the reason toner is recommended.

-Men with oily or combination skin, or men with ingrowns, should use a toner which contains glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acids and/or salicylic acid  (some examples include the Alyria Clarifying Toner, and the Alyria Acne Exfoliating Toner)

-Men with dry skin should use a skin balancing hydrating toner  (some examples include the Grace + Power Revitalizing Essence)

3.  Sunscreen - It is recommended that all men and women use sunscreen.  The formulation most men prefer is one which is light, does not leave a greasy film, and applies easily.  We often recommend the Obagi Sheer SPF 50 or the Alyria SPF 45 for our male patients, as both formulations are effective at blocking UVA and UVB rays, and a light, non-greasy and easy to apply.


For a personalized skin care plan, and complexion analysis with our Visia Skin Imaging System you can book a complimentary consultation with our DermaSpa Team.  Call us at 905-837-7546 to book or fill out the Book A Consultation form to the top right of the page.


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