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The Best Anti-Aging Eye Cream - and we have tried them all!

on Sunday, 26 October 2014. Posted in Dermaspa Blog

The delicate skin around the eyes is often the first area we notice skin aging.  We have tried numerous anti-aging eye creams but here is our favourite.  Its the best because it works!

Elastiderm Eye Cream

Skin Type

  • Suitable for all skin types, especially those concerned with anti-aging



  • Reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles by helping to restore elastin and build collagen
  • Restore the skin elasticity lost or damaged by age and sun exposure



  • Apply one to two times daily after cleansing
  • Gently apply small dots of the cream around the eye area and smooth in until thoroughly absorbed


Active Ingredients

  • Bi-mineral Complex including zinc and copper helps replenish elastin and build collagen
  • Malonic Acid in a patent-pending Obagi formulation helps stimulate the production of healthy skin cells
  • Blueberry Extract provides antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals
  • Pentrating Therapeutics use a patented Obagi technology to help drive ingredients deep into the skin

Other Tips To Reduce Crows Feet & Wrinkles Around The Eyes

  • use Elastiderm Eye Serum daily underneath the Elastiderm Eye Cream
  • Prevent wrinkles by relaxing overactive muscles around the eyes (injectable cosmetic treatments such as Botox can help with this)
  • Use a broad spectrum sunscreen daily
  • Wear sunglasses that protect the eyes and eye area 
  • Prevent squinting by ensuring you are wearing the correct prescription glasses if required


Review by Reena S., Medical Esthetician at DermaSpa MD Clinic

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