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Can Vitamin C reduce wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage?

on Wednesday, 28 May 2014. Posted in Dermaspa Blog


Can Vitamin C improve my skin?

Vitamin C Skin Treatments Pickering

Dietary Vitamin C has long been touted for its excellent health benefits. But can topical Vitamin C benefit our skin?

Vitamin C is an essential component of our skin, and plays a key role in collagen synthesis.  Aging causes a decline in the concentration of Vitamin C in all layers of the skin (both the epidermis and dermis).

Research shows that topical vitamin C has many key benefits for our skin.

Here are the main benefits of topical Vitamin C:

  • Reduces photodamage (sun damage) of skin cells  (it does so by its antioxidant activity)
  • Reduces wrinkling and uneven skin tone
  • Reversal of age related changes in the junction between the dermis and epidermis skin layers
  • Improves wound healing 
  • May be useful in reducing inflammation in acne prone skin
  • May be beneficial for dry skin

How can you take advantage of the benefits of topical Vitamin C?  It is important to choose the right treatment to apply to your skin, and to ensure your skin is adequately prepared to absorb this treatment.

Chemical or physical exfoliation treatments prior to vitamin C application dramatically increase the penetration and activity of the treatment in your skin layers.  This is because the top layers of your skin, the stratum corneum, form a very effective barrier to skin products.  These dead skin cell layers slough off much more slowly as we age, and prevent proper skin functioning and skin product penetration.

To remove these dead skin cells, and improve yoru skins functioning we advise a microdermabrasion treatment or gentle glycolic or salicylic chemical exfoliation treatment (chemical peel) every 4-6 weeks.  This will also ensure you get the best penetration of your skin treatments, including topical Vitamin C.  There is no point investing in good skin care if its not penetrating your skin!

What is the best Vitamin C treatment to choose?

Stay tuned for our next blog which discusses Vitamin C preparations and how to choose the right one.  Not all Vitamin C's are equal!

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