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What is a photofacial?

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Photofacials are laser skin rejuvenation treatments that help with anti-aging, brown spots, red spots, skin texture and acne.  This light based laser treatment uses intense pulsed light to treat the skin.  It is a powerful treatment that should only be performed in a medical clinic under the supervision of a physician.  

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How Does A Photofacial Work?

The photofacial laser device emits strong bursts of light.  The wavelengths of light are focused on targeting blood vessels and redness (hemoglobin) or brown spots and pigmentation (melanin).  

The light passes through the skin and targets the redness and brown spots under the skin surface.  The melanin in the brown spots is fragmented to reduce and remove the pigmentation.  

The hemoglobin in the blood vessels and red spots is fragmented to be absorbed by the body and reduce the redness and capillaries.

How does a photofacial feel?

When you get a photofacial, you feel warm pinches on your skin surface.  Most photofacial clients find this a tolerable treatment and do not require any pain medication or numbing cream.  Skin cooling after the treatment helps to keep you comfortable.

How long does a photofacial take?

A photofacial with our Limelight Cutera Laser takes 30-60 minutes for a full face treatment.  Hand treatments require 15-30 minutes.  

How much does a photofacial cost?

Photofacials at a medical clinic cost between $250-$350.  

Beware of cut rate specials:  photofacials are medical procedures that should be performed in a reputable medical clinic with physician supervision.  Salons that offer photofacials often have lower quality and potency lasers, and no medical supervision.  

Ensure your photofacial is being performed by a trained medical esthetician or nurse, under the supervision of a physician.

What results can I expect from a photofacial?

Photofacials give some immediate results but the best results are seen with a series of 3-4 treatments over a period of 4-6 months.  We recommend a series of 4 photofacials to treat redness, blood vessels, fine lines, pigmentation, brown spots and reduce pore size.  These treatments should be performed 1 month apart if possible.  We offer packages of photofacials to accomodate our clients. 

A few weeks after you complete your package of 4 photofacials, we perform a full Visia Skin Analysis to compare your before and after results.  

Will I see results from one photofacial?

One photofacial can help to improve your skin, however, the best results are seen with 3-4 treatments one month apart.  

What will my skin look like after my photofacial?

Your skin may be a little more pink/red than prior to the treatment.  Usually this subsides within a few hours.  We apply a mineral treatment for our patients that wish a flawless finish upon leaving our clinic.

In the first week after treatment you may notice your brown spots get darker.  This is the fragmented melanin being brought to the surface of the skin to be sloughed off.  These spots may crust and flake off.  We recommend you allow them to flake of on their own for best results.  Brown spots are usually significantly reduced after 1-2 weeks.


Is a photofacial right for you? This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with us to find out what will help your skin.  Our Visia Skin Analysis system and our medical team will work with you to find the best option for your skin.


Stay tuned on more information on the photofacial in future blogs!  Have questions?  Submit them and we will be happy to answer!   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it today!

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