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Winter Skin Care Tips

on Tuesday, 26 November 2013. Posted in Dermaspa Blog

Maintaining Skin Hydration in Winter

Does your skin get dry in the winter?  Do you experience flaking, tightness in your skin after washing your face, skin irritations?
Many of us experience skin changes in the winter.  As the weather gets cooler and dryer, our skin loses some of its hydration.  This issue can definitely get exacerbated as we age, since our skin cells turn over at a slower rate as we age.
What should you do to prevent this issue?  We recommend you assess your skin care and makeup in the winter, and consider changing formulas to prevent moisture loss.  What works in the summer may not suit your skin in the winter.  For example - you may want to change from a light lotion to a more moisturizing skin cream.  You may consider changing from a powder to a hydrating foundation or hydrating tinted moisturizer.
Other ways to improve skin hydration include removing excess layers of dead skin cells, that sit on your skin's surface.  These stagnant cells block your pores, and prevent absorption and penetration of your skin care products and moisturizers.  We recommend a diamond microdermabrasion treatment, light chemical peel or a skin exfoliating facial to remove those stagnant cells and improve circulation.
Be very careful about scrubs and exfoliating cleansers especially in the winter:  they can cause skin damage and irritation especially when used too frequently.  If you must use an exfoliator, limit it to once or twice a month, and ensure it is very gentle.
Want to know more about how to customize your skin care for the winter and your skin type?  We would love to hear from you!  We offer complimentary skin analysis and consultation - we welcome you to book an appointment for a skin care review!  Don't forget to bring your products and makeup when you come!

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